Media Framework Documentation for 4.5 Preview

I still can’t seem to get things going with wmv files… Has anyone? Can someone maybe upload their wmv that works to see if its my media? Is there any codec pack that needs to be installed?

Same issue with me, works in Editor but the texture is white after the project is built. I can see the media files in the BuildProjectName/Content/Movies dir though after building.

Using wmv here since it’s documented to be working without problems on Windows.

Any suggestions?

Same issue here. The .wmv movie is playing fine in the editor and when I play. However, texture remains white when I launch.

I am currently trying to get access to the movie player from the level blueprint to trigger playback.

trillhouse900, Zakhov, we’re still looking into this problem. I’ll keep you posted.

So, Right now can’t do any build with media files?
I have same issue, PIE work well, but packed EXE just show me blank white.

Nice, you guys rule!!

This is amazing news. Thank you guys.

Alpha channels/transparency

That would be super helpful for me also! Has anybody figured this out?

Sorry for the delay, guys - this was a tough one to figure out. Turns out that the handling of relative paths for movie files was incorrect for staged builds, and we also launched the wrong binary on Windows. There is now a fix for this in the master branch:

Unfortunately, this fix did not make it into the 4.5 release. It will have to go into the next hotfix instead.

That being said, even in 4.5, media playback should work in the following scenarios:

  • “Package Project…” in the Editor’s File menu
  • “Launch” in Editor viewport
  • “Launch” in Standalone game
  • “Launch” on device for any platform other than Windows and MacOS

Please let me know if you experience any other issues, thanks!

PS: after syncing to the fix on Github you need to reset the “URL” field in your MediaPlayer assets. Movie files must still be located inside /YourProject/Content/Movies/ for now.

Thanks for all the hard work. I do have a question, though:

I just downloaded the 4.5 Content Examples. Am I just blind, or is there no TestMaps folder?

The description above says:
“The ContentExample sample project now actually contains a demo level that implements an entire media player using UMG. The name of this level is UnrealMotionGraphics, which is currently located inside the project’s /Content/Maps/TestMaps/”

I’d love to have a look at those. Where can I find them?

Uh oh, what a terrible oversight on our part. Turns out that the TestMaps folder is not included in our releases. I will see if I can put the file somewhere and will post an update here soon.

Are any of the .wmv clips you use in the examples available?

Are any of the .wmv clips you use in the examples available?
Where do you store your movie files?

For those of you who’d like to look at the demo map for media playback (which is probably all of you), please download the following zip file:

This is the latest version of the demo map and all required assets as of today. It is now called Media.umap, and it uses an MP4 file instead of an WMV file that should also work on MacOS. You can probably just unzip this into your project’s /Content/ directory.

This zip file is somewhat unofficial and didn’t run by QA, so please let me know if there are any problems! We will push this out officially for everyone in the upcoming 4.5 content update patch. It will then be part of the ContentExamples sample project.

There’s a .mp4 file in the zip above that should also work on MacOS.

Is it already possible to control the media playback with blueprints? I can’t create a blueprint from the Media Player asset.

Has anyone been able to get sound to play–particularly in blueprints? If so, I’d love to hear how.

Thanks for posting the link Max!

I’ll check it out later. Looking forward to it!

I get a problem: the video stream goes well, but i can’t hear anything.
The MediaSoundWave connecting to my MediaPlayer is always empty.
Can anybody help?

Yes, that’s possible. The zip file I attached above has a test map with two BP examples. One plays a movie through UMG, the other on a static mesh in the level.

In the Blueprint Editor, right-click to open the context menu, then filter for ‘media’ to get a list of media related BP functions. You should find things such as Play and Pause. You need to create a MediaPlayer asset in the Content Browser that will be controlled.