Media Framework crashes when set to stream from memory

I have the released version of UE4.8 and I have found that using a Media Framework component crashes the editor or game when set to stream from memory. In order to get the editor or game to start again I have to manually go into the contents folder and delete the created textures and Media Framework instance and let the editor fail to load them.

To reproduce:
1 - Make a material from a video using Media Framework.
2 - Set the Media Framework instance to stream from memory, not from URL.
3 - Try to start the game outside of the editor(e.g. VR preview, separate editor window).
4 - Close the editor with an asset using the material.
5 - Try to start the editor again.

It will give an memory access error because it tried to read the location 0xFFFFFFFF.

Hello NoobsDeSroobs,

This was a known a reported issue in 4.8 and has been fixed in 4.9.

The option to choose from memory has been removed altogether, as it was causing multiple issues with users projects.

Thank you,