Media framework: 4K h.265 / HEVC support?

What is the current schedule on supporting h.265 / HEVC decoding in the media framework, especially on Windows?

H.265 HEVC support was added in CL# 3189112 and 3189376.

It is currently only in Dev-Sequencer. We’re merging up to the Master branch on Monday November 21st.

Only Windows 10 is supported. Output is clamped to 8-bit per color channel at this time, but we’ll add 10-bit support for 4.15.

Thank you!

The merge-up has been delayed due to some blockers. It is now scheduled for December 14th.

Still no support? When i try to open a h265 file in the mediaplayer i only get an error message :confused:

Any progress on this? I am inquiring about support for H265 as well. This was five years ago, so I’m wondering if support exists for H265 at this time.