Mechanics construction

Hi all!
We are working (several people) on the mechanics of building flying objects. The player is provided with a specific set of components from which he can make any kind of air ship. Each component has its physics, collision and a set of scripts. The player can build his ships in a special scene. After the construction is completed, the player leaves the scene (construction editor), all components are combined into one structure, with a single grid, while preserving the physics, collision, and scripts of each component separately. This is necessary so that when making, for example, a heavy landing, some of the components could lose their integrity, while also changing the overall controllability of the ship. The player can at any time go to the construction editor and replace one or more components, or assemble a new structure.

Currently, we have a problem with combining all components into one structure, and with preserving all the characteristics, and then splitting it into parts for editing. We ask for your help with this.