Mechanical Animation Question

Making an arcade shooter similar to Star Fox and Rogue Squadron, and I’m wondering how best to animate the components of the aircrafts like flaps or folding out the wings. Would it be a case of telling the pieces to rotate/move depending on player input in Unreal or should I animate it in my 3d software then export?

There’s different ways to approach this but if your aircraft is a single mesh and not modular in-game (modular as in being able to change different aircraft pieces during gameplay), one of the ways to do it is that you would create and rig your aircraft in a 3d software, with the pieces having bones assigned to them. You would then animate the aircraft, and have different animations, for example the wings withdrawing. You would then import the mesh and animations into ue4 and use the Animation blueprint to tell the skeletal mesh when each of the different animations will play depending on the players input. For example when you press E the aircraft starts and the the wings out animation plays.

For modular aircraft there’s also different ways to do it, you can use code, bone sockets etc. the animation also get’s done in the 3d software, there’s probably a way to do it with code too, but I don’t know :smiley: