**A new update is out ! New features: **

  • TPS and FPS views
  • gamepad inputs
  • A more modular code

Hello everyone !
Here is my Mecha Controller asset. Realy usefull if you want to have mechs in your games !…cha-controller

**Main features of the asset : **

  • Make your mechs come alive ! This asset lets you control your mechs and make their upperbody rotate to their target.
  • A turret system is implemented and turrets can be equipped to mechs (they automatically rotate to the target).
  • A weapon and damage system is implemented
  • Use it with FPS, TPS or top down Views
  • Everything is modular and easily extensible


This asset also works with Salva’s models !
(Check his mech models :…-medium-robots)

**Presentation video : **

The models which are included with this asset :







Don’t hesitate to ask questions about my asset, or give your feedback.

**New update is out ! **
You can now use TPS and FPS views in addition to top down view. I have also added gamepad inputs and I have modified the code so that it is now easier to create your mechs based on the ones in the asset. (All the logic is now performed in TurretOwnerComponent and MechaPlayerComponent which are actor components. If you inherit from MechaCharacter or MechaPlayer, you only need to override few initialisation functions).


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I have a discord for my UE4 assets don’t hesitate to join it :