Mecha game

Hi, i started to develop one more mech game:)
I’ll put here some screenshots

UPD 12/01/2016

What do you want to see in first game prototype? I know it’s strange question.
But in my plan i will have only 1 mech model. Player will be able to play only with AI.

Some game video

I love mechwarriors game type!
Looks very nice.

My preference goes for FPS view (Hawken style made with UDK, looks awesome, still playing it) instead of TPS but definitely will look at it.

I’m waiting to see your progress :slight_smile:

thank you. I will add 2 different modes (TPS and FPS). But currently i’m working with TPS.

Still playing with different hangar styles


Cool Mechs :slight_smile:

Updated light

Currently i’m working with damage system and damage indicators


The game looks good.
How do you manage the damage indicator ? It is blueprint based ?

yes. it’s blueprints. First of all i’m using Point and Radial damage. After that i have some variable which defined for 4 sides. When character got damage i calculating direction beetween character rotation and damage location

Could you make some little tutorial or make some picture of this damage indicator system ? Its very useful

Looks interesting! Is it for mobile or for PC?

For now it’s for PC.
I’m a newbie in UE4 and game development. But i hope it will be for next platforms:

  1. Windows
    And next platforms development dependent for popularity on windows.

  2. Linux

  3. OS X

  4. Mobile (IOS/Android)

  5. other

Working with city map