Meat Structures!

Hi guys and gals, just wanted to give everyone here a heads up and point you over to my first Ark mod, calledMEAT STRUCTURES! And as the name suggests, it adds an entirely new set of base structures to the game, made out of raw meat!

Is your overpowered carnivore creating a problematic meat backlog? Did you tranq the rival tribe, bring them back to your base and are now unsure what to do with the bodies? Did you WAY over-gather when prepping for that new baby raptor? MEAT STRUCTURES solve all of these problems, and more! Take off your shoes, a floor made out of Bronto steaks feels absolutely luxurious on your feet! Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

The mod has 13 base structures so far, and I am considering adding more:

  • Meat Foundation
  • Meat Wall
  • Meat Door Frame
  • Meat Door
  • Meat Window Frame
  • Meat Window
  • Meat Ceiling
  • Meat Hatch Frame
  • Meat Hatch (That’s what it’s called! Wipe that smirk off your face!)
  • Meat Sloped Wall Left
  • Meat Sloped Wall Right
  • Meat Sloped Ceiling
  • Meat Pillar

All meat structures are made out of raw meat, hide and fiber. They are all damaged by stone weapons but have 10k health each. Of course, this is a joke mod inspired by my girlfriend remarking on what to do with all our surplus meat and was my introduction to Unreal Engine modding. But I imagine that RP servers might find some practical use for it. FEEDBACK VERY APPRECIATED. I’ve also kept my local project and related media very organized, so if anyone would like to expand upon this mod on their own in the future let me know, I’d be happy to copy over all the assets. Bite into it!

Link to Steam workshop page:








Not gonna lie… this is extremely disturbing to look at.


Licks lips

Well you don’t see that everyday.

lol just have to ask why meat?

OMG, so gross and so funny. Can you eat your own house?

I’m waiting for the update on this mod: Cooked Meat Structures