Measurement question

Forgive me, I’m new to this engine and may be asking a repeated or dumb question. But what are the measurement ratios for this if I’m going to be modeling in maya?

I seen some old documentation that UDK used an unreal unit and the ratio was 1UU = 1CM. Is this still true? I ask this because my scaling seems off when I model in maya and then import to UE4.

Thanks for the help in advance!

UE4 and Maya should both out of the box be 1 unit = 1cm. The sense of scale however might seem off to you in maya simply because of how the grid is setup. If you import an fbx into UE4 and highlight it in the content browser you should see it’s size values in units and they should match up with your Maya numbers. What i’ve done to help give me a better sense of scale within Maya is change the the grid so that every square is equal to 10 cm (helps with snapping to grid and generally just keeping a rough idea of things) i’ll give you some quick info on how to set that up below and hope it’ll help :wink:

Within maya go to Display>Grid(option box)

adjust the following 3 fields under size to the following

Length & Width = 100 (this number just indicates how many units there are on the grid per quadrant, in this case 100cm you can adjust this to higher values if you want more grid space)
Grid Lines Every = 10 (this number is draws a line on the grid every 10 cm, if you were to change this to say 100 then each square would represent 1 meter)
Subdivisions = 1 (subdivides the gridlines so in theory if you were to change this to say 10 every box in the above setup would be 1 mm)

Thanks a ton for the info. I expected conversion issues from maya to UE with ration but ultimately everything felt wrong when I would scale. I was initally running in meters in maya which I think led to me viewing this incorrectly(seeing as meters, expecting meters, but getting a cm on import).

Thanks again for the info!

ahh gotcha, well glad it helped :wink:

If you are coming from UDK the main thing to know about scale is that by default UDK’s character is 96cm (or UU) tall which could make things look pretty huge if you are using real world scale as reference.
In UE4 however the default character is 192cm tall (which is also 96 * 2) so it’s much closer to real life scale, so if you have assets made in “UDK scale” you might wanna scale them by 2 before importing to UE4.

Assuming you are using the default character heights as reference.

is there any way to measure or see the size of your objects in uu after scaling them? or do you have to multiply the size you made the asset at by the scale value?

Hi PadaVinson,

One way to do measurement in the engine is in the orthographic views. If you hold your middle mouse button on one of the three ortho views and drag, a ruler will appear in that screen giving you a uu measurement.

Thank you. Perfect answer.