Meaningful stats in a meaningful manner.

UE4 probably has this feature but I’ve yet to find it.

I like to make environments that is rich with detail yet efficient as to the needs of performance and understand and have made use of stats and rendering color maps yet there is little that I found as to the relevance of a number or color as it relates to performance.

Would be nice to have an all in one primer as to what values, or colors, means what but probably more useful would be the ability to generate an overall performance report say for example tied to a Matinee camera that would take a pass through the map and generate a complete report as to that was discovered.

Understanding the numbers as to a full report is not really necessary as being of importance as reserving color as the standard means of identifying problem areas.

Green = Good to go no problems.
Yellow = Getting into trouble.
Red = Bad very bad.

In this example I don’t need to know what “Clean uniform buffer pool” means but if it’s in the red would be easy to read the flight manual as to what the error is and how to fix it.

Overall though as a content creator all that is really need is to run the test and if it’s given the big thumbs up icon then pack it and send it with out the worry that something was missed or overlooked.

If anything though please reserve color as a means to identify problem areas (which is something Epic might already be doing?)