Meaning of "F" in the "FString" class name

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I’m new in UE4 and in C++. Please, can you provide some information about the meaning for letter “F” in the “FString” class name. Maybe, there is some links to documentation or explanation. Thank you.


Have a look at the documentation linked below, as it answers your question as well as provides a ton of more useful information.

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Thank you, Sean!

U – UObject derrived class, i.e. UTexture

A – AActor derrived class, i.e. AGameMode

F – All other classes and structs, i.e. FName, FVector

T – Template, i.e. TArray, TMap, TQueue

I – Interface class, i.e. ITransaction

E – Enumeration type, i.e. ESelectionMode

b – Boolean value, i.e. bEnabled

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