Meaning of '_C'?

So I’ve realized picking ‘foo_C’ when picking a variable type does not actually pick a live reference actor named ‘foo’ in the scene. What does that ‘_C’ actually stand for?

How would you pick a specific actor by name anyway?


Use the Actor variable type, or in a few other cases the specific object variable type that matches your objects such as SplineMesh. You can either store the actor in the variable on spawn using the return value, or you can do a trace on the actor and then break hit result.

Ah I see, thanks a lot!

Would still be interesting to hear what that ‘_C’ stood for if anyone knows…

Thanks, that makes me feel kinda silly actually now haha… it just confuses me that you have the option to select object or class of the same ‘foo_C’ when you create a variable for ‘foo’, leaving me to think it doesn’t stand for class. :confused:

“_C” is postfix added to a blueprint name to create internal name for BlueprintGeneratedClass. Soon it will be invisible in editor UI.

“_C” should not occur in gameplay code. Usually ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder helper should be used to get UClass object from hardcoded path. The function accepts path to blueprint asset as input parameter.


Ok great, thanks kaziu!