Me making a very bad animator for running

so im a noob and I somehow made this thing

im genuinely proud of myself because it just randomly dawned on me and ive been trying to make a running animation for a while, but the state machine hasn’t Cooperated with me and I just decided to do AI. then I thought I should do a player vector to use in the AI for chasing and then I got to thinking about a vector checker.

Basically this thing just saves the vector from last tick and this tick and compares them, if they’re not equal it outputs the animation for jogging. im sure this is a regular thing in UE4 im just genuinely surprised I did it alone. Hopefully that means im learning this engine, since its quite difficult (with various differences in the tutorials I do and the version im using). Even though the animation is terrible and seems blurry since its just playing the animation once a tick I still think its ok for now.

tell me if there’s any way to improve this