Me character can't pass through a hole of imported mesh

Hi there

I’m working on realy simple things for begining in unreal. So cubes for now and a simple maze with squarred blocks like old game of 80’s :slight_smile:

A Cube with x scale reduced and position changed for the wall
A Cube with z scale reduced and position changed for the groud and the ceiling
A Cube with a hole for wall wich have a door

For wall with a hole for the door, I try a boolean to make the object in blender.

(I’m not where my unreal project are, and yes, I’m a very bad drawer)

Import is ok, but my character can’t walk through the hole, he is blocked like if there’s no hole.

So I’ve tried to make three meshes

It work, my Character can pass through the hole
But for texturing, its not usefull, So I’ve tried another way


Import ok, but my character can’t pass through

Do you understand the rules ?

I’m just testing with cube, but when I will do a little more complex mesh, it will be a challenge to do one my Character can navigate :slight_smile:

Perhaps the good way is to make this not to block the character and add blocking cube ?
It will be ok but need al lot of work.

Or something I miss ?

With blender, I do the apply tranform and Uv Unwrapp.

If I understand you correctly, you only have your mesh and not any custom collision meshes, and relying on Unreal to create them. You might want to have a look at this page:
In short, you need to combine your first solution with your second one. :slight_smile: The first one being your visible mesh, and the second one being your collision boxes.

It’s that, only that meshes, nothing else.

I understand the solution with colision Boxes and will do that.

Any idee why the second solution (where there’s 1 2 3 writting) work and not the third ? (Just for technical curiosity)

Many thanks for your answer McGreed

If your 3 mess are still one object, then the default collision box UE will make will still be a box (the simplest form of collision for the volume), you can change the generated collision to follow the shape a bit better in the Static Mesh Editor.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 23.40.38.png

Try these options

the 10Dop or Auto Convex options should work fine

Autogenerated collisions works often, however when you get things like door ways or windows, it would be better to create custom collision boxes, better control.
@mmanesse, the reason your other solution worked, is most likely because the 3 meshes got imported not as an combined mesh, and you had the Auto Generate Collision activated in the import window. It would then generate a collision box for each mesh.

Many thanks Anadin and McGreed. You are helpfull