MCT Cybersouth Interactive App

Hi, its been a while since I’ve posted Sketchup to UE4. But this time I’m spearheading an interactive project for a local housing development company.

It is a simple application for touch display meant for exhibition during the development launch last week. The application is divided into 3 levels, which are the main map, and 2 sublevels with exterior and interior scene. Touch is fully supported in this build (though some UI elements still register EventOnTouchBegin as Press & Release) and pinch to zoom working as intended. Mouse input is also available as an option simulating as touch input. Framerate is around 35fps for GTX 970 and 52fps for GTX 1060 on average, and lowest on full overview of all foliage. I’ve also implemented the new Precomputed Lighting Scenario in one of the scene with Day/Dusk.

For any question or inquiry just ask away in this thread or contact us directly through my signature. :slight_smile:

Very nice work especially for such a large area, could I ask what kind of touch screen system you guys used?

For development I’m just using Dell S2240T, and the target display is a custom 55" touch digitizer LCD panel.

But it will work on any panel that support multitouch up to 10 fingers.

Great work, very impressive!