MCO Multiplayer TPS Blueprints - v3.0 UPDATE for 4.27

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BP programmer John Galt is back from a long hiatus, and we finally have a long awaited update for engine 4.26 to 4.27, and a few added perks as well.

***NOTE: Engine 4.25.4 had further issues that 4.26 and 4.27 fixed, so we dropped 4.25 support.

We are ALSO planning a full v4.0 “Reboot” with added:

  • Teams
  • Multiple Gameplay Modes
  • Map Select and Travel
  • Teleporting
  • revamped Weapons System and more.

Still in design phase, we plan to have it out this year. It will be a free upgrade. Stay tuned as details develop…

Version 3.0 Update and Additional Features:

  • Engine 4.26.2 - 4.27.x
  • Deprecated variable “PlayerName” replaced, BP fixed and tweaked.
  • Three new skeletal meshes for Player and NPC’s(in addition to SK_Mannequin):
  • MotusMan
  • MotusWoman
  • MotusChild
  • All NPC actors and their animations converted to stock Unreal Skeleton, so Player and NPCs share all of the same skeletal meshes and animations.
  • “Set Audio Listener Override” added and replicated setting the position to on the Player’s head, not the default of on the Camera 10ft behind the Player, for more accurate and realistic audio perception of Player position.

***NOTE: As of this time Epic has broken Steam multiplayer in 4.27.2 and 5.0

  • Hosting a game on Steam returns the error: “No Session Could be Created” or similar.
  • There is not an error on our part, the BP is solid. See bug report here:
  • Please log in a vote to get this fixed before 5.1!

Version 3.0 Addendum:
MCO_UE4_MPTPS_Blueprints_v3 ADDENDUM 03_21_2022.pdf

Please visit the store page to see all details, and please download the update if you already own it.


Well Motus… I was just updating the older version of this to 4.27… This is a very pleasant surprise.
Thank You AND Mr.Gault for this Downloading now.

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Your very welcome, sorry again for the wait. John returned from wandering the desert. :slightly_smiling_face:
We have a tentative list of X number of new features for the “reboot”, but if you have any ideas or requests please let us know, we’ll see.

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a new bug fix version available for download shortly. Small stuff.
We tweaked a replication issue in the Audio Listener Override.
Added the Titans back in for the heck of it, and you can kill them now.

***AND: Engine 4.25.4 had further issues that 4.26 and 4.27 fixed, so we dropped 4.25 support.

Version 3.0 is engine 4.26 and 4.27 only now.

Thanks, MCO