MCO Multiplayer TPS Blueprints - *NEW*

Hi all,

We’ve been working on this for quite a while now and it’s finally out.
Regardless of all the tech programmed into it (the actual point of the project) I wanted the playable demo level to actually be fun, entertaining and worth exploring to find a few surprises - and of course have plenty of places to run around and frag each other with balanced weapons - all of which are totally configurable in the Project. A fun “game” as a result of the tech under the hood, not a dry blank environment with the weapons to simply try them out on a technical level only.

So please, download the free demo and play it with your friends. Go nuts fragging and explore, I can always add to and update the map if folks are into it and suggest changes or additions to keep it fresh. The point of the demo is to have fun - and of course check out the features of the Blueprints. Let us know what you guys think, we’ll try to get some game play videos made in the days to come. Any and all feedback welcome and needed.

It has just been submitted to Epic, we’ll see if they want any tweaks to make it Marketplace compliant.


**UPDATE: 07/07/17


All Multi-players must be using the same version 170707.EXE
Different versions are not compatible with one another! For Multiplayer, please make sure all participants have the same current version 170707 download.
Weapons tweaks, added pickups and accessible areas, environment tweaks to keep players falling out of the map.

The official store description is below:

MCO Multiplayer TPS Blueprints
UE4 Multiplayer Shooter: Blueprints & MoCap Animations

● Network Replicating Multiplayer 3rd Person Shooter
● Master Blueprints for all Assets
● UE4 SK_Mannequin and Motus Man 3D Characters
● Weapon and Projectile system
● Character Animations & Controls
● Demo Test Level Included

FREE Playable Demo Level! ● via LAN or Steam

A comprehensive set of Blueprints for a third person shooter with network replication for multiplayer support. A modular system and great starting point to create your own game, with many custom animations and audio. Our MotusMan skeletal mesh is used for NPCs and include several demo animations from our other Mocap Online Animation Packs.

Please check out the FREE Playable Demo Level! It is included with the Blueprints and fun to run around fragging, do some some platforming exploration in more remote areas with a few surprises. Have fun! Explore!

Quick walk-through of the playable demo level:

John’s Tutorial Videos of the Blueprints:

Technical Info

Weapon Blueprint Details:

● Master Weapon Blueprint can create Child Blueprints from 5 different type firing modes in Hitscan or Projectile variants.
● Firing modes include:
○ Single Fire
○ Auto Fire
○ Burst Fire
○ Multi-Fire (shotgun type weapons)
○ Stream fire (continuous beam weapons)
● Weapons also deal random damage by setting a min and max damage, including a critical damage multiplier that can be set for increasing head shot damage.
● Master Projectile Blueprint that can create Child Blueprints of various types of projectiles, including bullet or explosives with area of effect damage.

Tutorial Videos Here:
MPTPS BP Tutorials

Overall Project Features

● Project is done with 100% Blueprints.
● Player animations all in-place, non-root motion.
● Elements from the Free - “Shooter Game” and starter content © Epic Games - including audio cues/.wav’s, materials, textures, objects - are included and used as examples.
● Custom audio and objects also included and implemented.
● 178 Rifle and Pistol Animations and 32 Aim Offsets, many custom to this pack only.
● 42 MotusMan MocapOnline demo Animations.

● Full movement in eight directions. Crouch, Walk, Jog, Sprint
● Relaxed and Shooting aim offsets.
● Master Health and Ammo Pickups that can create Child Blueprints set to different amounts and respawn times.
● Master Weapon Station that stores up to 5 weapons that can be changed during a match by interacting with it.
● Random respawn that selects at random any player start in the level to respawn a player after death.
● Basic Network Setup for playing through LAN or via Steam.
● WeaponSocket is attached to “hand-r-wep” and is for animated attachment of the Rifle. “hand-r-wep” creates the correct Rifle position always.
● RifleHolsterSocket and PistolHolsterSocket for Rifle and Pistol body attachment.
● All Player animations are on the UE4 template skeleton with IK bones.
● NPC animations are on the MotusMan skeletal mesh.

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Quick Update:

We added a Demo Walkthrough Video, about 5 minutes of checking out the level and weapons.


We just put it on sale for the holiday weekend. So please check out and have fun playing the demo!


Epic now has the files in hand. We’ll see how long it takes for approval, or if they require us to make more comments etc. We’ll keep you posted.


**UPDATE: 07/07/17


All Multi-players must be using the same version 170707.EXE
Different versions are not compatible with one another! For Multiplayer, please make sure all participants have the same current version 170707 download.
Weapons tweaks, added pickups and accessible areas, environment tweaks to keep players falling out of the map.


Well, actually no update, Epic has not responded to my last two emails in the last two weeks about the review/approval process since our July 5th submission. A week in they said it was “in the cue” for review. It has been a month now and they have not responded to my last two polite emails a week apart. So our apologies it is still stuck in unknown limbo, of course we will broadcast when it is finally on the Marketplace.

As always if you haven’t already, please download the free playable demo and have some fun, give us some feedback. We’ve gotten some good feedback and suggestions already, keep 'em coming.


Any news on this? I still can’t find it in the marketplace, are you guys still working / updating this or not?

odi, it took quite a while for Epic’s first reply to our submission, and it was a huge list of things they wanted added/changed/tweaked for them to accept it. Fair enough. Though I did find it a bit ironic that the standards and practices they were holding our feet to the fire about, they did not follow themselves with their free assets they offer, some of which we were using.

Anyway, 4.17 broke some things as well, so I worked with John fixing the problems, cleaned up a lot of stuff, added “in game” documentation and other stuff as requested, etc etc., and got side tracked on other projects in front of me of course. I recently ported it to 4.18 and had to fix a couple of broken materials and such but it all is looking good, and it has a client side delay fix which was not in the original. I should have this updated version on MocapOnline soon and plan to resubmit again to Epic, which is a bit different now with the totally revamped seller portal. I need to take a look.

Thanks for inquiring, glad there is still some interest out there, we weren’t too sure. Sorry for the delay. We’ll see what Epic thinks this time around.

Thanks for the reply Cris and yes I’m still interested in this, it looks like a very cool project and IMO there are lots of things people can learn from… I hope to see it soon in the Marketplace.

4.18 is available on your website?
port to 4.19?
do we have access to previous engine version on your website ?

The original version currently on is Engine 4.16 and works fine other than a client side delay on shooting some times, which was fixed by changing a default network setting to a better option, I would need to look it up…

4.17 broke the camera boom/aiming and a few other things, this was pointed out by Epic along with a couple dozen other things they wanted changed to pass muster on the Marketplace. A 4.17 version was never released.

The 4.18 version I have has many things such as level additions(my creative ideas and noodling) and in-game docs and other tweaks requested by Epic, and I plan to release it shortly at since it has been beta tested as solid now. The only thing that “broke” migrating to 4.18 from 4.17 was a system text material was orphaned/deleted somehow, which I found and repaired.

Since 4.19 is officially out now, I suppose I will try to open with it and see what breaks this time, hopefully nothing we will release and submit a 4.19 version as well. Need to re-test and quadruple check everything Epic was wanted changed/added before submitting too the Marketplace again.

The 4.18 update will be an automated email and download link for those who purchased it already at Anyone wanting the 4.16 after that just email us after purchase and we’ll get you a link to the old one. I suppose Epic will want a 4.19 version for Marketplace re-submission so we will have to make sure 4.19 is working and a simple port from 4.18.

I will keep you guys posted on the 4.18 upload/availability and a 4.19 update shortly, hopefully 4.19 will require nothing but opening the 4.18 intact.

The current beta Playable Demo .EXE is available here if you want to play around:

Be sure to read the “MP_TPS_Template_Controls_170707_README.txt” and “In_Game_Docs_01.txt”

Stay tuned please, and thanks for the continued interest!

Thanks for the reply.

FYI feature video link and weapon system video link are dead.

Made some fixes last night to 4.18 version, our buddy John (iamjohngalt1975) helped me hide the Player and Weapon when it goes to Scope mode (a requested feature), and I made some needed sound field fixes. I think I am calling this final for update upload, and after some checks and cleanup for Marketplace submission - possibly as is for 4.18 - 4.19 because…

Opened it in 4.19 - perfect! No errors and fully functional. HOWEVER - I am not crazy about 4.19 point zero as the interface and viewport starts to hang/stutter after a short while. Anyone else seen this? It does not seem to affect compiled EXE’s for distribution, just an editor quirk. I have a fast box with a 980GTX and the latest drivers.

YES - John’s video links are dead, he pulled them down when he redid his YouTube channel. HOWEVER - I do have an archive of them and will be posting the four tutorial videos shortly on our channel!

Unreal Engine 4 - Tutorial MP TPS V01 - Basic Map Editing
Unreal Engine 4 - Tutorial MP TPS V01 - Using The Weapons System pt1
Unreal Engine 4 - Tutorial MP TPS V01 - Using The Weapons System pt2
Unreal Engine 4 - Tutorial MP TPS V01 - Packaging The Project For Distribution

Quick Update -

Been working hard on a new version with lots of added features and Map items, including Velocity/Gravity based falling damage, three types of moving/rotating elevators/platforms, Acid Pools that burn you with feedback, pickups with floating text, and added/tweaked audio for all. Vastly expanded level with sky-ways and a nosebleed sniper tower.

Will post a DEMO link soon for download, and hopefully have shipping version of the Project BP up on our site as a free update asap, which could be a little while as usual.

And of course working on making sure it is 100% up to Marketplace submission standards so we can submit it successfully asap.

Oh yeah, John’s original tutorial videos have been up, here is the Playlist:

I cant wait for this project. Thanks for fixing some of the stuff. Hope to have this in my hand soon. So i can start making my game…

FYI Latest Beta Playable DEMO is here as always:

Latest version is 180410 from yesterday. Pretty much final. Please read all the docs. Have fun exploring and trying out all the new stuff.

**Hope to have the new V2 Project up on MocapOnline shortly. **
Finishing up documentation, updated store verbiage, etcetc.
Then I need to make it all extra extra tidy to resubmit to Marketplace.

As mentioned new features:

Engine 4.18-4.19
Player and Weapon hide when going to scope mode.
Fixed some audio fields.
Text amounts hover over pickups and face camera. (Replaced icon particles with rotating static meshes as well - 4.19 introduced an editor viewport bug making particles stutter badly, only way to be sure it wouldn’t be crap in 4.19. Wasted three days finding the problem. - 4.19 & 4.20 Editor & Packaged Games Have Hangs/Hiccups Constantly - #16 by Motus_Digital - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums)
Velocity based falling damage and audio - Initial and two damage multiplier threshold levels, 3 audio file threshold levels.
Four types of moving/rotating Elevators/Platforms with audio.
“Acid Lakes” cause progressive Player damage with audio.
Ridiculous amount of extra stuff added to the level environment, make it more fun.


Thank you for caring for us. That really means a lot. I think it so worth buying your project. But again you are not giving it to us to just sale like that. You are giving it to us to… Make use of it. Also put our own work into it. The replication is the bit issue in a lot of time. THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT ONLINE STUFF. BECAUSE IT ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS TO DO. Also i was wondering is there a way to take the weapons out of the weapons station and put them on the ground. If you can not tell me that fine. Over all the demo work great. Thank you…

Thanks for the kind words, you can thank John Galt for all the functional Network Play replicating stuff, it is WAY over my head and definitely complicated.

As far as the Weapon Stations, weapons system, etc., that is also a bit over my head to alter. It is an interesting and novel system John designed and understandably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it would be a considerable rewrite by John to change it so that aspect is not going to change any time soon. I understand if some folks don’t dig it, that’s just the way it is for now.

MCO Multiplayer TPS Blueprints - NOW AVAILABLE **NEW RELEASE thread here: **MCO Multiplayer TPS Blueprints - NOW AVAILABLE - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums
MARKETPLACE LINK: MCO Multiplayer TPS Blueprints in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

Hi all,

***Thanks to everybody who purchased it since release day already!

After a very lengthy review process, our MPTPS Blueprints are on the Marketplace. And now it’s V2 with many added perks.

It comes with a lot of our animations, ready to go for Steam PVP action, progressive falling damage, different types of editable moving platforms, and other useful features.
It’s a solid base to build a game off of, and of course meant to be modified, edited, torn apart and expanded on to make one’s own personal project. Even for folks who typically DIY everything it is a good value with all the included animations and their implementation, audio files, as well as other useful core modules to extrapolate and build on.
We will likely add a “Team” mode and other game play features/options later, and John Galt has already posted some videos on doing just that on his YouTube channel you can check out.

The FREE Playable Demo is the included “TestMap” packaged for Win64, it’s all in the Project.

Yes, the Demo Map could have been a lot simpler and small to illustrate/test the basic features. But we are artists, creators and love playing games so we made an extensive level with some platforming, sound design, and other crazy stuff just for the heck of it - to make it a demo “game” WE wanted to play FWIW. It won’t win any design awards but we had fun, hopefully you will. We kinda went nuts and made it a HUGE map so it takes a bunch of players to make it a more fun frag fest. Demo supports eight Players - if your host machine/connection is up to it. We may make a smaller demo map as well.

Check out the release thread and of course the Marketplace link.

So everyone download and play the free demo “game”, it’s free. :wink: Have fun.