MazeGame (With DevKit)



MazeGame is a fast-paced, item-collecting, simple, memory maze designed for people of all ages. It should aid memory-recall and provide a 10 minute break for players and developers.


It’s specific aims were to create;

(1) A playable Game
…a working game system
(2) A Show Reel/ portfolio package
…a medium to showcase and transfer Unreal Engine based content to users.
(3) A game development kit
… including tutorials/ videos for users to create their own games and projects

Full Info included in the DL

The devkit.

Source Link

Tutorial and UDK Ultimate guide to be published in the near future

**Post Reserved for MazeGame future developments **(if any)

  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Additional Levels for Single Player
  • Advancing the source kit for a real game project and Incorporation of various UDK/UT3 projects from other the years