Mazed Tower Defense - Learning Project

Project Title:
Mazed Tower Defense

Defeat the enemies before they reach the end of the level using a maze you design to funnel them towards attacking towers. Try building many different ways to see how far you can get.


  • Single Player
  • Multiple Tower Types
  • Infinite Levels
  • Building Grid
  • Simple Objective
  • Scoring System
  • Multiple Levels and Difficulties
  • more…

Talent Required:
<Blueprint Scripting><3D Artist><HUD/UI Artist><Hand Painted Texture Artist>

  • Anyone who wants to learn/ help with a project bigger than themselves.

Post or PM for Skype

I started this as a learning exercise and getting to a point where things are starting to take a long time to improve. Looking for anyone who wants to lend a hand in whatever way they think they can help.

Current State:

Original Post:




Hey there! I would love to help out on the 3D part. Skype - solomonady

Here’s some of my stuff:

Really could use a good HUD/UI Artist.

Progress continues.



Hi, I’d like to join in contributing blueprint scripting

Hey thanks for your interest. Add me on Skype “freestyledork”

Hi, I’ve invited you into my skype (harymulyadi)

Both helpers have faded away, still working on this as a for fun/learning project and welcome any one who wants to do the same.

Infinite Rounds, simple objective, endgame stats. Working on adding more diversity for better re-playability. Using Perforce as source control.
updated screenshot.


really could use a 3D artist/animator for enemy models or ui work

Hey i’d love to be a part of this, can do almost anything in blueprint and created lots of tower defence games before, plus love making and creating UI in UMG and Photoshop, so would love to join :slight_smile: portfolio link

Message me on Skype and I’ll send you the info to start collaborating.

I have a couple people helping out now and we are moving along nicely. It’s time to start polishing the look and feel. I really could use someone who knows how to do hand painted textures and art for helping polish the UI and ingame towers. All the functionality is almost complete.

So if your looking to use a piece as a portfolio or want some practice working with a team send me a message.


improving the UI a bit. Still looking for anyone who wants to help with texture painting or particle effects.


Weekend bump

looking for anyone who wants to help add assets, character models and rigs or tower models. Also anyone who wants to help with anything else.