Maze Qore


Greetings! I noticed the genre of top-down shooters have changed. Back when I was a kid, I was used to playing traditional 90-degree camera-views with games like Grand Theft Auto and Alien Breed. Nowadays, when I hear “top-down shooter” they usually involve an isometric 3/4 perspective view with the distorting gameplay style. Even the rebooted Alien Breed franchise took that new direction.

My goal with Maze Qore is to popularize the traditional genre with a twist of squad-based gameplay.


Maze Qore is a top-down, squad-based, prison-break, single-player RPG shooter using Unreal Engine. You’ve been sentenced to life in a maximum security prison for a crime you did not commit. Luckily, a prison riot has occurred and you finally have a chance to make a break for it. You won’t be able to do it alone however so you must work together with the prisoners in the revolt against the Maze Qore security staff to secure your escape.



Open-ended RPG Extravaganza!

  • Your decisions and actions will always have consequences in the game.
  • Gameplay experience is randomized making every gamer’s experience different from others.


  • No prisoner (even unique ones) are invincible. They can all die in this game. Their deaths are permanent for the remainder of the campaign.

Squad-based Combat

  • Your squadmates play a key role in the player’s survival and completion of the game.
  • Special perks from members affecting the entire squad.
  • Complete the game with unique characters or your own custom-made squad.

Character Customization

  • Manage your squadmates and protagonist character from accessories, perks, and stats.
  • Recruit new prisoners and give them personalities that stands out.

The $hop

  • Purchase supplies, weapons, items, upgrades, power-ups, and even Easter-eggs.

Labyrinth Game Mode

  • Procedural generation.
  • Everything is randomized and difficulty amplifies or simplifies based on the player’s performance.

Cinematic Dialogue System (CDS)

  • Multi-choice questions for some dialog scenes.
  • Quiz games disguised as minigames for extra goodies.


  • Easter-Eggs: Find these to unlock new perks and features for Labyrinth.
  • Journal: Find logs throughout the prison to add to your journal. Collect them all to unlock a new gameplay style for the Campaign or Labyrinth.
  • Mini-Games: Find hidden mini-games scattered throughout the prison or complete some to gain access to secret areas. Ranging from quizzes, to interactive UI terminal games.
  • Dream Sector: Enter fragmented passages of the mysterious Dream Sector, each packed with a dose of surprises straight from Pandora’s Box.

User-Mod Content

  • New challenging labyrinth maps.
  • Import custom characters - squadmates, minions, bosses.
  • Import custom vehicles.
  • Total Conversion support.


[Coming Soon!]



EARLY ACCESS - Winter 2017




Some artwork for the prisoners.

Flamethrower effects.

Machine Gun Squadron!

Developer icons I made to guide with development.

Some closer views of a few of the weapons.

A sneak peak of the first few levels from the Blue Sector.

Thanks! I actually showcased a gameplay demo at SIEGE last week and people were really loving it! Now I know I can move on to making the singleplayer demo for Halloween. Oh ho ho boy are y’all gonna love it!

Some awesome weapons in-game.

Machine Gun

Sniper Rifle


Assault Rifle

Rocket Launcher

Some animations from the game folks!

Shared Mannequin Animations:

Melee Attack (Pistol)

Melee Attack (Assault Rifle)



Psyker in-game.

Finally got the jeep ready for action. Just need to create the vehicle class in order to use it.

The Jeep in editor.

Here’s a quick demo of the inventory system I am working on. Separated into three types.

Been making me some hard-earned Ca$h!

To spend at the $hop!