Maze League

Format: Xbox, VR, and mobile
[li]*[UNPAID][/li] Looking for people willing to help for free/experience.
Includes hobby projects, general enquiries etc. *
Looking for open minded creators, designers, to help build a maze game with simple objectives, goals and prizes for Xbox, HTC Vive and mobile. Open to new ideas within the scope of the maze themes. The maze foundation is created in blueprint already with adjustable variables for auto generation.

Project Title:
Maze League

The player begins the game at the edge of a randomly generate maze. Their goal is to reach the heart of the maze, while contending with puzzles, traps, mysterious monsters and other players. First one to find and complete objectives and goals win XP and prizes!

[li]Various maze themes such as Space theme, Retro game theme, Sponsored Game Themes etc.[/li][li]Unique combative multi-player with sci-fi weapons such as photon beamers, portal guns, and swords [Open for suggestion].[/li][li]Third person view point.[/li][li]HTC Vive support, Xbox, IOS and Android[/li][/ul]
Players will start in a game hall to choose the tier level of maze desired while socializing and interacting with other players in a game hall. Maze tier levels include [Bronze, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond]

Each maze has power ups, exclusive virtual gear, goals and prizes.

[Power ups] - Walk thru walls for a duration, jump height, hints, speed, wall run, etc.
[Virtual Gear] - Outfits, helmets, icons, killcard visuals etc.
[Goals] - Plant the bomb, capture the flag, find the object, most kills juggernaut etc
[Prizes] - XP, exclusive badges, scoreboard rank

Team Name**:**
Maze Gods

Team Structure**:**
KingEsmo (Project Creator)
Project Management, Game Design Document, Sound design

Talent Requesting:
3D Artist (1)
[li]Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use in maze generation.[/li][li]An automatic maze generator plugin will be provided which includes adjustable design variables[/li][/ul]
3D Character Artist (1)
[li]Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.[/li][li][Open to new Idea][/li][/ul]Maze environmental artist (1)
[li]Simply create and change theme of mazes [see video above for maze blueprint material/ plug-in manipulation)[/li][li][Open to new Idea][/li][/ul]UI designer (1)
[li]HUD, Scoreboard, killcard etc.[/li][li][Open to new Idea][/li][/ul] Become a Maze God!

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: KingEsmo#9168
Twitter: @King_Esmo
Instagram: King_Esmo
Patreon: KingEsmo