Maze Evolution

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Maze Evolution is an indie mobile action puzzle game, currently in development by one person, that lets the player to experience different obstacles, level up, improve your character(spheres) and come up with strategies in order to overcome the maze.

In the game you will be deciphering and travelling through labyrinths with a ball. You will have to learn the different ways to solve the labyrinth and get all the stars and achievements.


The point of the game is to get to the other side and exit the maze. you will need to at least get 1 of the 3 stars to be able to exit the maze. As the game progresses the mazes will get bigger and more complicated, you will need to level up and improve your ball in order to be able to pass the later levels, the more difficult the level the more you will need to use your head and memory. Also you can memorize the maze but since the pick-ups are randomly generated they don’t always appear on the same spot so you will need to be careful even if you already passed the same stage once.

The game has implemented an energy bar that depletes itself over time, however there is also a turbo that lets you go faster in exchange of depleting the energy bar faster. If the energy bar falls to zero, the ball will not move anymore and explode, making you lose the level.


There are currently two types of wall skins, the first one is a metallic futuristic kind of wall, and the other one is a mediaeval stone type of wall. There are also Day and night levels. The difficulty of the maze is determined by the size of the maze and its’ obstacles.

Level System:
By leveling up you will obtain skill points which you will be able to allocate to improve different features of the sphere, for example more speed or more energy.

Stats System:
Level and skill points system that allows you improve different aspects of the ball like maximum energy, speed (agility), energy depletion, push, and others.
Character and Effects select:
Variety of skins and special effects that you can obtain in game.

Random pickup
The energy spheres are randomly generated around the maze.

Score system
Each maze has a scoring record system and 3 stars that you can pick up and beat you own records.

Gate doors that will block the way until a button in a certain place of the labyrinth is pressed, opening the gate. There are also some switches that turn off a gate but turn on another one and vice-versa making a complicated puzzle. Floors that will fall after 2 times of being passed over, making you think whether you really want to go to the place that floor is. Number of complicated dead ends that will make you experience the terror of a maze.

Game Over
You will die if you fall off the maze stage or if the energy bar reaches zero.

Things to Come:
Item pick-ups that will let you destroy certain walls. More levels, at least 50 levels. Different types of environment, each environment will consist of 10 levels.

Current Build:
Game is currently in development and is subject to changes.[/CENTER]

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It looks good. A little slow paced, but, still nice. I would take a look at the collision of the spring arm for the camera. It seemed to dip in and out when you were taking corners.

I like the final screen with the achievement stars. I have done something similar for my game, but, my stars aren’t animated. Would you care to explain how you managed to animate them in one at a time?

Oh, I especially liked the particle effects for starting the game. The large beam that comes in is awesome.



Thanx, you can level up the stats and that is how to get more faster but still working on the velocity, and you can change the camera anytime


this the blueprint for the start animation.

I hope that helps.

Glad to hear you have ways of making it faster. I think in your video, it may have been a bit slow, just because you were obviously trying to show off the level as well as the game mechanics.

Thanks for sharing your blueprint for the stars animation; I will see if I can implement something similar with my set up.

Keep up the good work.



glad for help you. you are right I was try to show game mechanics, more faster next update.
ask me if has any question and good luck in your project.


New update

this is the new level

I am working right now in the velocity. now is more faster the turbo and the character. this work with physics, so is a little complicate to work.

I submit my game to Unreal Dev Grants so I could finish it faster and do even more improvements to the game. which me luck!
and thanks for all the support.

Wow, looking lovely :smiley:

thanks, I like your products in the Marketplace.

You do this without a team that’s just amazing. It looks fun, can’t wait to see more

good luck in the Unreal Dev Grants


Looks awesome! I was considering doing a maze gamy myself and this definitely raises my bar that I had!

Quick question: Have you considered having a character running around instead of a ball? It would be more work, but it would also have something for players to connect to and stick in their memory which would get them coming back to play the game more frequently! And all you really need is existing animations you could simply re-target. And there are some free characters that you could possibly modify as well!

Thanks glad to hear that. I have considered a character but I think it’s better to put a ball for this type of game since I take reference from Maze 3D mobile game.

Soon I plan to do a small team to make another mobile game which will contain characters.

thanks! update will be soon!