Maybe im searching the wrong things?

first off im learning so i need to find out the different elements that make up a combat system so i can break it down and learn how it works in different sections im not asking for anyone to hand me a bunch of tutorial videos im asking for words more than anything so searching for what i need to learn can be more productive

outcome i want is

i want to be able to deal damage in some way either through a sword or a spell/projectile have my enemy lose health and die

starting off i feel like i should be looking into making an enemy class to work with setting varables for health and maybe defence strength for damage?

anyway if any of this makes sense to anyone or anyone could shed some light on this id be a happy man :slight_smile:

dealing damage isn’t hard, a simple way to do it in a projectile is spawn the projectile and when it begin overlap cast the other actor and decrease it’s HP, but there’s a better way of doing it, you said you’re still learning, so i recommend you to watch this tutorial serie:
you will find a better approach to remove HP from characters in this tutorials using interfaces and etc.

in a sword it may be harder since just using “OnBeginOverlap” would damage the character just by touching them, even without clicking to attack, and it could damage your own character, you would need to create a bool, set it to true just while the character is attacking, and apply damage only when it’s true. anyway watch the tutorial and you will have some idea from where to start.