Maybe add virtual void UGameInstance::Exit()?

Because there are 2 copies of UGameInstance created: CDO and Instance.
Instance calls Init, but there is no Exit, i would like to place cleanup code there for my game.

Now i am using UObject::FinishDestroy(), which is called twise: for CDO and Instance, not big problem, but still.

PS: i know, i could override UGameEngine and UEditorEngine classes, there are PreExit and Exit. But as far as i understand, i should override only UGameInstance for that purpose.

Also i think, i dont like to override both Init and InitPIE, i would like to have smth like generic InitGame.

Not big problem, its just a suggestion.

Yeah, this has been something kicking around on the list to expand the usefulness of GameInstance. I had a few minutes today and added such things along with some other cleanup:

Thanks for this and everything else, Marc Audy!

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Very nice, thx.