Maybe a UMG bug?

I created this

It was working before i decided to remove the Border Brash by using “clear”.
I pressed play and the UMG was working perfectly inside the game without the Border Brush image.
when i pressed stop and returned to the UMG blueprint i saw the above picture.Even when i re added the brush image i still have no preview.
Is this a bug or i am missing something?

Hi ,

Can you give me reproduction steps to be able to create this on my end? Also does this occur in one project or in a clean project with no additional content.

The problem occurs in my project.To be honest i did not try it on a blank project.
I believe i have described the steps in my above post but in case they are not clear i will try my best to explain better.
Just take a look at my picture and please try to re create the same hierarchy of objects…Add a brush texture on the border and run on your game and create a command that will make the UMG appear on your game…Now return to the UMG blueprint pick border object and under appearance brush clear the brash texture so it has and play your game.Now press stop again and go back to your UMG blueprint and you will hopefully see what i see on the picture that i posted above.Meaning Nothing :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Unfortunately I have been unable to reproduce this on my end. Are there any other steps or pieces of information that I can use to reproduce this on my end? Thank you!


I am afraid this is a sort of “bug” that is very hard to pinpoint and it will only reveal itself by actually using the UMG .
Let me show you another weird thing that it did to me this morning.

As you can see although i have a crate texture for my Border Brush the system displayed the old texture brush!After i changed it to something else it started displaying the correct Border Brush Texture again.
So it is obvious there is something fishy goin on but we will probably have to wait and see what it actually is.But just to be safe it would be nice to forward this question to .He might know what is causing this since he is the one writing the code for it.

Hi ,

These do not seem directly related, if you could, please create another post for the border resetting and we can treat them as two separate issues. The first, however, I could not recreate while utilizing UMG. These are the steps I took while creating it:

  1. Create widget (I named mine widget and already had UMG activated on my project).
  2. Open Widget Editor, I deleted the canvaspanel that starts out in the widget editor.
  3. Create Border.
  4. Apply slate texture to border.
  5. Create Canvas Panel (child of border)
  6. Create Vertical Box, Textblock, 3 buttons, 2 images (children of canvas panel)
  7. Create progressbar, image (children of vertical box).
  8. compile, save, close widget editor.
  9. Open PlayerController BP.
  10. Create an “Event Begin Play” node
  11. Drag off of output from begin play node, create a “create widget” node, set class to my widget.
  12. Drag from output of create widget node, create a “add to viewport” node.
  13. connect return value of create widget node to target of add to viewport.
  14. compile, save, close player controller.
  15. In world settings, make sure player controller is set to your playercontroller script.
  16. play in editor (widget appears)
  17. exit play in editor, re-open widget.
  18. Open Border details panel, press clear brush (yellow arrow to right of brush icon).
  19. compile, save, close widget.
  20. play in editor.
  21. close play in editor, re-open widget.

At this point I was still able to see everything without any “no preview” error message. Did I miss any steps in reproducing this effect? If so what steps am I missing.

I believe that is the way i created it as well.
In step 20 the widget appears correct?
If yes then i do not know why this is happening to me and not to you.
if i manage to pinpoint it in the near future i will report back.

For now that does seem to be the case, nothing changed when I went back to the widget on my end. I will wait to hear back from you with more information.