Maya's HumanIK to UE4 problems


I tried to get a rigged character with HumanIK skeleton into UE4 but I’m running into a problem. The Hips bone is between the legs of the character and goes all the way down to Z= 0. The Root bone (Reference bone) is also at Z=0. When I tried to retarget an animation to my new skeleton the head bone gets connected to the reference root bone at Z=0 so the head is stretched towards the hips of the character.

Anyone got any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance!

Your skeleton bones have wrong rotations.
You can’t target a skeletal model to Epic’s skeleton if your bones in Maya has different rotations.

If you use a custom skeletal set, try baking your animation instead of importing IK from the custom skeleton.

So there’s no way to use humanIK rig in UE4 to get animations from epic skeleton working?

I’ve heard about the ART inside UE, can this be used to auto rig a character to be the same as epic’s skeleton?

The reason why I want to use humanIK is because it’s a one-click solution to rig a character, that’s pretty easy, but if that’s possible with the ART inside ue4 that would be great as well.

I can’t animate, so I want to use animations I bought from the marketplace, so i need a way to be able to retarget my animations

Cool, So I got it working by using A.R.T. tools for maya. I rigged my character with ART and retargetted the animations and it works more or less. Got a small problem, but that’s probably because I didn’t bother changing the default weight paints. It’s a bit more work than maya auto-rigger with humanIK but I’m glad I got it working pretty fast

Buy the way.How can you do that ?please teach me.I need to use humanIK rig in UE4 to get animations from epic skeleton too.

I don’t think you can do it with HumanIK rig from Maya’s autorigger. You need to either use ART tool with maya, or export mannequin from UE4, delete mannequin and use it’s skeleton to your own model. This last thing can be done in any 3D software.