Maya2020 PoseWrangler UI behavior

Hey All,
I’m testing out the newly released PoseWranglerUI in Maya2020 but I am having some issues getting poses to store (at all). I know Epic internally uses Maya 2018, but I dont have access to that version.

When I installed the tool, the py file seemed to be hard coded to the Maya 2018 version of the RBF plug:

In my current version of Maya I only have: MayaUE4RBFPlugin2020.mll

And I had to change the call in the code to let the tool open, but I cant get any driven transform poses to save. I am using the metaHuman Skeleton.

My steps:

  1. Open tool.
  2. Select Driven joint, THEN Driver joint.
  3. Click “Create Driver”
  4. base_pose is created.
  5. Click ADD POSE and name it “Test” (but I cant actually move the driven joint, tranforms are connected and not editable)
  6. Click on EDIT (not EDIT POSE)
  7. Driven joint trans are now editable. Move joint a few Maya Units.
    Result: Driven Joint pops back to start coords, and does not move when Driver is rotated. This is not the sequence of steps I was expecting.

I’m expecting the Driven Joint to be editable either at pose creation time, or after the fact with EDIT POSE. However EDIT POSE seems to only affect the Driver pose. Maybe I’m missing something?

Debugging so far:

  1. Tried using DG, Serial, and Parallel EM (thinking maybe the tool wasnt thread safe. No change in behavior though)
  2. Maya 2020, and 2022
  3. Inspected UI code for non-thread safe logic (none found)
  4. Opened up the MetaHuman rig, and was able to load RBF poses, but unable to edit them, or make new ones.

Thanks for any help!