Maya X-Gen Hair to UE4 for real-time hair-system

Since years, i have tried to setup realistic hairs inside UE4 but without succees

I have tried to create a basic hair model with x-gen and export using Alembic.
But nothing appears in UE4… So i have tried to follow the explanations in the UE4 documentation. But it seams really complex.

**My question:
Is anyone can propose an “easy” explanation for “How to export an hair in Maya (with XGEN) to UE4 for a real-time use”?

Thanks a lot !!**

Citymmer, I hear you.
I’ve also followed the UE4 documentation…nes/index.html
And it is really confusing and there are some parts you might want to be mindful of:

  1. in the section of “Create Group ID Attributes,” there’s a python command goes:
    curves = cmds.listRelatives(group_name, ad=True, type=‘nurbsCurve’)
    But the script doesn’t do anything with “curves” and add attributes to the transform nodes of the nurbs curves.
  2. In the “Spline Descriptions to Nurbs Curves,” when you import the exported groom back into your scene, you should not use “name space” option in the Maya’s import option. It gave me an error when I had that option on.
  3. If you’re like me, having 26 hair descriptions to deal with, then you might have to change some code to fit your needs. In my case, I changed the group id assignment script to be a function to take a given integer then assign the same id to all selected curves.

I found this on Youtube:Анриляшь #13. Симуляция волос в Unreal Engine 4.24 - YouTube
It’s in Russian but I didn’t have much trouble following this tutorial without understanding the language.
And for me, turning on “Bind Groom to Skeletal Mesh” in my groom actor gave me an undesired effect, so I kept it off.
I hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for your answer; really.