Maya Wire Deform Export

I’m a programmer and I’m new at 3D modeling. I made this conveyor belt and animated it. I used the wire deform tool to make the actual belt. In Maya when I rotate the belt it rotates as if it were still a circle, looking like its moving. After exporting to FBX, the animation in UE4 just rotates the whole object. How can I make sure the correct animation is exported? Thanks


You’ll have to rig this with a joint chain an animate it, or animate the UVs in your material if that is an acceptable option.

That is what I was afraid of. Thanks for the help.

So Ive worked on this some more and have a few more questions. First, does anyone have a tutorial on how to create a loop of joints and be able to move them around that loop (eg. a conveyor belt). If not, I’ve been able to use a my material and use a panner to simulate the belt moving. My problem is that from the side (the game I am working on is a (sidescroller) its difficult to determine if its moving. Would it be possible to add a bump/normal map and pan that so that the belt still has a 3D look like in the picture above? Essentially would the “bumps” pan too? Thanks.