Maya wall collisions in UE (basic question)

Hello Everyone, I set up a room in Maya. Imported it to UE4 via FBX and it’s a big impenetrable box in UE4

I found a few posts suggesting playing around with collisions. Been doing that for an hour still having problems. (running up invisible walls)

Does anyone know of a link, book, or tutorial to help? Not lazy just don’t want to read an entire book to solve one issue.

I just need to know hot to block off walls open up doorways etc

Found the answer by playing around some more. Just go into the edit menu.

  1. Click Mesh Edit Menu
  2. Click “Collisions”
  3. In drop down box click “Add Box Simplified Collision”
  4. Scale box down to a simple plane
  5. Alt Drag to Clone your sides
  6. if not matching be sure to set your scale to “.03125”

A lot of dragging and cloning but it far beats the mesh being blocked. I’m working to see if there is an easier way to do this in Maya Lt