Maya UV to UE workflow

Hello. I’ve been modelling lots of stuff, but never did anything related to texturing. Now, when I try to bring my own asset into engine and do some shading I’m kinda stuck.

I have sword modeled in maya. It has handle, blade, and some other things like handle cover, etc. What would be my workflow to add materials to all of these parts? Should I create texture in maya and just export it to UE(but after this whole PBR idea is gone) or how do I add own material to each part of my sword, eg. metal to blade, some leather to handle, etc ?

Workflow: model - UV unwrap using seams - texture. You can texture inside maya, or you can use quixel, substance or similar pbr texturing program to export textures. After that, import model and all textures into UE4, create material out of them and apply it to your model.

This is basic workflow, but you can search youtube on ‘‘how to prepare 3d meshes in maya for ue4’’ for detailed tutorial.