Maya: UV question

Im modeling this very basic building:

Did a UV with the automatic UV-tool. Does anyone spot any overlapping UVs?
Im very novice at UVing, so Im hoping for some help.

Yeah, I see a lot of them
I’m not a Maya user, but I’m pretty sure that pack UV button exist somewhere in UV tools, it’s basically place/pack your shells in 0-1 with some padding(or without if you choose so) in most optimal way(at least it tries)

You’re going to want to do that manually. Youtube is full of tutorials on how to do that. Also your geometry has plenty of excess edge loops that you don’t really need, you may want to get into the practice of optimizing that. Good luck. =)

Overlapping UVs everywhere :smiley:

The Building is in seperate parts. I think I extrude out the faces instead off adding a new mesh.

Did a quick cleanup. How does this looks?

And is it those that is the overlapping UVs, marked blue?