Maya Unreal ART window cannot be resized

Hello I bought Maya to use with UE4 and installed the ART plug-in and was following along with Unreal’s Tutorial until it wanted me to click on Build Control Rig. When I clicked on it the box that I got only opened about half way and I was unable to see the name field or the build and cancel buttons. I am very frustrated by this as you can imagine, I tried right clicking the box and choosing size but it did not allow me to adjust it. Any help fixing this problem is greatly appreciated as I am currently now at an expensive stand still. BTW I am using Maya 15 if that makes a difference.

Hey AlphaHemi -

Currently we do not have Maya 2015 at our offices and the ART tool while should work in Maya 2015 we have not been able to test its use as of yet. That being said, I want to try to help you through this issue, but I am going to need some screenshots of what the sticking point actually is.

Also, if you don’t know, the developer of that asset runs the ART Master Thread on our forums and any updates to the ART will be posted there as well.

Eric Ketchum

I tried to post a picture with my question but it said it wad too large…

Can you save it as a *.jpg or crop out a section so that the file size is smaller than 500kb?

I’m not in the studio atm , as soon as I get back I’ll try to get an image up. I have read that there’s a fix within the script itself however I am new to all this and modifying script is something new to me…

Idk how to get you an image bc every time I try to upload the jpg it’s telling me it’s an invalid file type…

Did you re-save the image in a photo program or Paint?

I actually was trying to save them from another post in the UE4 forums.

Link to the post and I can look at them there.

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formlink textform

The post is actually in the forum you linked to me

Hey AlphaHemi -

Though you may have already found this answer on the forums, You can go into the *.py and edit the file to change the Windows the tool generates to be sizeable. By no means does this guarantee that there will not be other problems.

Here is a brief rundown on a way to fix this issue you are having. Before you begin make sure you have the latest version of the ART installed and my suggestion is make a back up of any file you alter. You can then open up the ART_skeletonBuilder_UI .py, which is in the General\Scripts\ folder in your original ART directory and run a word search for “sizeable = False” and change the False to True.

If you are really not comfortable missing or looking at coding, I would suggest you wait if possible; it is an issue we are aware of and are working on supporting 2015.

Thanks -

Eric Ketchum

Alright I can try that, how do I make a backup though? Just copy the file and post it in another directory?

Yes, just have the original available in case something goes wrong.

Ok I went ahead and changed all sizeable false to true and so far everything is running right, the boxes still open smaller then I believe there supposed to but they are now sizeable so I can at least see all the options. Thank you for working with me today to get this working.

Thanks, i change sizeable to true in all files :smiley: its works!