I need maya ive link plugin for 2019. Github download is not working. It only has UI file not .mll file.

I try to export FBX model with textures in maya to import in unreal. It says plugin error materials will export as grey lambert.
I worked on realistic character texturing in MAYA. So I can’t do that.
Have you guys know how to send the character to unreal would be great.


I would try downloading it again from github under the releases area. Worked fine for me.

I don’t know if this works for animations / characters but I usualy export my 3d models from maya to max , then export from max as datasmith format and it correctly imports with textures most of the time.

but I only found the MaxToMaya v2.0a plugins,can’t find the MayaToMax plugins,if every time export my 3d models from maya to max,and remake the material and textures,that is a huge work.