Maya to Unreal workflow issues


Just wondered if anyone could help me I seem to be getting a problem when trying to get my maya animation into unreal whenever i put my body animation onto the metahuman rig in sequencer i either get a weird head ghosting in unreal 4.27 or i get the hair issue in 5.0 . I am just exporting the root joint hierarchy for the body animation and the facial controls for the facial rig. Any help would be much appreciated. The facial animation is going on fine.

Update - After looking into it further on 4.27 it appears to be the fuzz layer that is causing this weird ghosting if i disable the peach fuzz its gone. for some reason the fuzz layer isn’t following the metahuman mesh in the animation.

Update 2 - It seems to be that the groom of the metahuman isn’t following the skeletal mesh in sequencer or animation sequence. Not entirely sure on the fix.