Maya to Unreal problem

I’ve only just started to learn Unreal so this hopefully might be a simple thing i’m missing.

I’ve made a spaceship inside of Maya, the ship has 2 landing gears, left and right side. These have a few moving parts including piston arms that are rigged with bones and IK. The animation and timing on these needs to be identical, this is not a problem inside of Maya as I just group the rigged geometry and mirror it via duplicate special.

The problem is this adds a -1 to the x scale of the group and when importing Unreal doesn’t seem to understand and gives me an error, “imported bone transform different from original”. The animation for the original side is fine but the duplicated side basically just explodes with the geometry going off in all directions.

I’ve done quite a bit of research and there doesn’t really seem to be any way of mirroring rigged geometry like this inside of Maya without either rigging each side individually, which seems rather long winded and would also be hard to get each side identical or just using the x scale method which seems to cause problems for Unreal.

Does anyone know what the standard workflow would be for doing something this? Is there any way to correct the X scale issue from within Unreal or have I just got to start from scratch and rig each one indvidually?

A method that does seem to work is to import only the working landing gear and then just duplicate it and flip the x scale in Unreal, is this viable or would it cause problems down the line?

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

I’m starting to learn Maya. As far as I know, select the object > Modify > Freeze Transformations is what you’re looking for. This should reset the scale to default.

Hi thanks for the suggestion but you can’t freeze a group when the geometry inside has incoming connections.

I guess i’ll just go with mirroring it inside of Unreal for now and if it gives me any problems i’ll have to go back and re-rig each side individually.