[Maya to Unreal] Changing Material ID Slots

Hi, long story short, I’m working on a project in Unreal 3 using APEX. It’s buggy as heck but I’m finally on the last leg of the process! The problem is, the engine crashes whenever you add an APEX material in any clothing slot other than slot [0]. The clothing slots on a skeletal mesh are tied to the material IDs, so on my character I have the body material in slot [0] and the coat material in slot [1]. Plugging my APEX clothing into slot [1] to correspond with the coat material crashes the engine, but I can’t put it in slot [0] because that is the body material, not the coat.

So my question is, how do you choose what slots that Maya assigns for the materials. When I import into Unreal, it seems to arbitrarily decide which Material IDs to give to all of the different pieces of the mesh. Does anyone know how I can dictate that I want my coat material to use slot [0] instead of my body being there?

Edit: So not an actual answer for this, but I discovered a workaround. If you expand the Clothing Lod Map all the way (right underneath the clothing assets), you can tell the clothing to point to a different material outside of slot 0. So by typing a 1 in there, it used the coat material for my clothing asset instead of the body material. Hope that helps anyone else who is insane enough to attempt to use APEX clothing in Unreal 3!