Maya to UE4 Scaling problem

Hi all,

I’m working in a team to make a game for a uni project. My role is to produce the modular assets and I’m having trouble getting the scale right so they parts can snap together in Unreal.
I’ve seen other threads on here and followed their advice, export settings, Unreal world settings etc. But the pieces still don’t line up :frowning:
Here are some images of my settings in Maya and our project in Unreal, could someone point out what’s wrong? I’m pretty stumped.
The parts snap to the grid in Maya, just not in Unreal, here’s some images of the Maya settings
And here’s an image of the overlap in Unreal

Any help that could be provided would be greatly appreciated. We’re progressing well with our project and this is the only thing that we’re having problems with.

If you need more info please ask :slight_smile:

use the maya basic grid as a anchor. And dont go above this grid.
Then use the value 10 for everyting when importing.

1 UU is on grid quad in maya. So its easy math

512/32 units … says it right there, drop it to 500/50 (will make the grid look more dense). Unreal works off 1cm = 1uu, so if you are setting it to 512 grid everything is going to be off. Adjust your ‘grid’ units within maya or use strict sizes for your mesh.