Maya to UE4 Pipeline Help

So im getting the hang of going from Maya to UE4, however i just cant get a certain step on point. I am creating a simple level and the walls and floors etc will be basic textures.

So i create the mesh in Maya and when it comes to UV unwrapping the mesh i just cant get it so that each face for the walls are equal in width and height ratio so that when i place a material on the walls the material is seamless. Obviously i can go in and adjust each UV by hand and move them around so they ‘look’ okay but then when importing to UE4 and adding a material, because its not really precise, the material is off in areas.

If anyone has a good pipeline for creating pretty much equal UV’s for meshes it would be great if you could help.

It would be good to post a screen of your mesh as well as screen from the UV-Editor in Maya to help you.

Your post sounds to me that you look for an option to autogenerate your UV Layout, but I could be mistaken.
Maya as an option for autogenerating UV’s, but I wouldn’t recommend to use it since it produce a large bunch of UV islands which will increase your realtime vertices…if you wanna try, you can find it under Polygon - Create UVs - Automatic Mapping

However a good UV Layout comes from a good artist and never from Mayas Automapper.

As I said, post some screens, then I could help you further.