Maya to Photoshop Diffuse Map workflow?

Hi guys. I’m creating an environment in Maya. I’ll create the high poly version and then the low poly version in Maya, then UV the low poly version. For baking the normal, ao etc. maps I’ll use xnormal. After that I want to texture it in photoshop! I dont want to use any other texturing sotware so, I’m gonna stick to photoshop! The thing is I can’t seem to understand how do I texture in photoshop to completion! I mean the workflow/process to it.

I’m creating the high poly version, then the low poly version, uv the low poly, all in maya; then baking the maps out in xnormal, but I can’t seem to figure out how do I start out in photoshop. As I said earlier, I can’t seem to understand the steps/workflow as how I’ll start the texturing process in photoshop to completion!

This seems to be a strange question and I’m literally confused here! Any guide/help would be great!

EDIT: I’ve no problem creating maps like normal, AO etc. What I want is how to create the diffuse map in photoshop (I mean how do i start it). Well, after UVing the low poly version and after I bake out the normal map for the low poly version, I take it to photoshop. I’ve the UV of the low poly version in photoshop. The question is how do I paint in the diffuse map when I don’t know the position of the surface details because the UV map does not contain the high details because its (the UVs) the low poly version. So, how do I do the diffuse map?

You could bring in your AO layer and use it with ‘Multiply’ layer mode over a diffuse colour layer. That’ll give you a decent enough template onto which you can start painting your colour information. I’d always aim to keep the AO layer at the top of your layer stack if possible, and paint onto layers below it.