Maya switch from Student to Full Commercial

Has anyone tried to work on student maya and right before trying to start selling the game - switch to paid full version? I’m talking about a very little indie game for an hour or so. Nevertheless I do not want to be a dreamer. I do not want to waste money in something that I may not finish. If I finish my project, then I’ll buy full Maya. That’s the plan. **How do you think is it fine? Or am I not taking something into account and it’s trickier than I think? **Thank you in advance whoever you are dear clearer of my tiny question

  • I am not crazy. I’ve been modding for 10 years. And I just want to try to make a little game, just a try

I don’t know if they’re still offering it but just a bit ago, autodesk was selling Maya Indie, which was full blown Maya, for like $250 for the year. That’s absolutely worth the cost for me.

There’s always Maya LT if you don’t need the additional functions of the full version of Maya. Most people would probably recommend Blender at that point though.

Thanks. I didn’t EVER checked what is LT. I though it’s connected with lighting for archiviz. Me REAL stupid. I mean really :slight_smile: It makes me laugh. That’s crazy. How I didn’t know LT is specifically for game creation? Hahaha. Oh man. That’s exactly what I am looking for and that was for years in front of my nose