Maya Stingray PBS Material >to> UE4 Material

I use Maya Phong material with the slots conected same as the image before. But allways there is a lack in the conections,… no metallic, AO, Roughness,…etc.
After export in FBX format to UE4 , I always need to manually reedit the texture conections.
¿Is there a way to solve this easily ??

I saw a new shader in Maya 2016 named Stingray PBS. It has pretty connections but after export it as FBX to UE4, …the UE4 engine simply crashes.
¿Is there any type of opensource plugin or addon to use the Stingray PBR shader inside UE4??
The stingray PBS shader can be exported as FBX ascii format. ¿Is there a way to recognize this format and translate to UE4 engine correctly???

Thanks in advance.