Maya - Rigging modular character (separate body parts) for Unreal? (Modular Armor)

Hey everyone, I’m currently facing a bit of an issue. How would you go around rigging a modular character in Maya? Our game will contain modular armor sets, so the player should be able to swap different components of the armor (arms of one set with leggings of another, etc.), and the best approach we found for this was the modular pawn setup. When we have a mesh composed of several skin clusters in Maya, weight painting gets a bit tiresome. So I was wondering what method(s) you guys recommend for approaching this issue? So far my best idea is to just have two (technically 5) meshes; a singular combined one, and the split one (head, torso, arms and legs), and copy the weight paint over. But this still seems a bit too unprofessional to me… What do you guys think is a better way of approaching this?


Your “best idea” sounds exactly like I do it. It’s much easier to paint weights on the low rez combined mesh, then copy to the individual parts. I’ve done hundreds of skins using that method. The process can be streamlined nicely.

Ahh well that’s good to know then. Thanks for the reply.

If anyone else has any input on how they approach this, feel free to leave your input as well.

On property editor you can copy exactly weight values between vertices to make sure skin won’t display holes on bodypart borders when animating.

It doesn’t make any sense to split the mesh before export.

Just develop it like a single mesh and then make duplicates and remove everything except the part you need.

Sorry, not sure I follow; where in the property editor (or do you mean attribute editor?) can I copy exact weight values between vertices? This would come in handy. Thanks!

Yeah that’s how I model, I start it off as a single mesh and then make duplicates and remove everything other than the part I need. This can get really annoying if I have to make changes to the mesh or the weight paint though.

Thanks again for the help :slight_smile: