Maya Rig Tools

First off, I hope I’m posting this in the right section of the forums. I’ve been attempting to prepare one of my character models for animation and prototyping in UE4.
I’ve been experimenting with the MayaTools provided by epic games for rigging/animation. As an artist/programmer I find rigging to be annoying, however, the MayaTools is a breath of fresh air.
Creating a mannequin character works great but when I try to replace the proxy geometry with my own character mesh I encounter issues.
I have a hard time trying to bind the skeleton to my mesh and even if I do succeed I cant properly paint the skin weights to certain influence areas on my skeleton.
I’m wondering if others have encountered similar issues and how can I go about properly rigging the skeleton to my own mesh? or maybe this feature isn’t finished yet?
Any help that leads me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

If you have access to 3ds Max, you can use skin wrap to wrap your mesh to the proxy mesh and then delete the original… You can download a 3 year student version or a months trial from Autodesk](
The Maya rigging tools are broken as far as I know, (well for me they are)

If you do follow the above advice, I have tutorials for using skinwrap in 3ds Max here - skinwrap 1 skinwrap 2](

Thanks allot Lex, Ill have a look at those vids.
I’m still hoping to keep the rigging in maya using the MayaTools provided by epic but if that’s not possible I guess ill have to add another program in my pipeline.