Maya parenting two-hand sword help


I’m working on two-hand sword animations and am having a real hard time trying to figure out how to get the left hand constrained to the hilt of the sword.
Here’s two short videos to better explain the issue:

I’ve tried both point and parent constraints on sword to hand/hand to sword/sword to effector/effector to sword.

I think what I’m really needing is a cyclical constraint system which I’ve tried following these instructions:

Any ideas would be much appreciated, thank you.

The 2nd video won’t play for me, but I think I get the idea.

Instead of using constraints to do this in HumanIK, I believe you actually want to make auxillary effectors “children” of other objects in the scene. Select the Aux Effector then the desired parent (the sword) and press P to change the hierarchy. Instead of controlling constraint weight, you then just animate the weight of the Aux effector(s). This is how Autodesk shows it being done for their middleware anyway…

This helped me a lot while doing two hand props/weapon animations, since the best solution ( otherwise the constraint breaks ) it to use groups on top of the existing control curve of the rig.
I won’t constraint the left hand to the weapon but rather to the right hand ( keeping the offset ), so then you can set SDKs directly on the right hand in order to control both constraint in one place :wink:

Thank you both very much! This was driving me crazy.
I tried something like what Bob suggested and was able to get it working :smiley: