Maya Museum Guatemala RT Archviz

Hi everyone,

We have been working on this projects for a few months and we are now in a position to showcase it. While it’s work in progress, we feel it’s developed enough to show most of it. We didn’t have much knowledge of UE4 prior to this project so it has been quite a challenge so far; we’d like to improve the visual part and keep developing the interactivity.

3 versions are under development: desktop, mobile and a VR version.

The project is an interactive Archviz tour, where the user explores the entire building, as well as the whole collection of Maya exhibits. The artefact explorer part of the project will likely become an app on its own - to accompany and enhance the real experience in the built museum.

The mobile version runs at 60-70 fps on a Shield tablet and around 40-50 on an iPad Air , although we haven’t really tested much on iPads. The VR version runs at 75 fps steady on a Titan. All interactivity has been created in blueprints and the interface in UMG.

We would love to hear comments and suggestions since this is our first project with UE4 and we know there is a lot of room from improvement.

So, here are a few images of the desktop and mobile versions. Below is also a PR video we created, if you want you can have a look, check it out here: Museo Maya · 3D Apps on Vimeo





Nice work. Keep it up. Good Luck.

Wow, very sharp! That is some impressive work with UMG too

Very cool - how did you up up structuring this view? MaMu_20.jpg&d=1418831502

Is it just a black quad with a 3D mesh in front spawned in the world, and then widgets layered on it in the viewport?

Thank you guys.

Nick I did exactly that.
I have a blueprint that has the main template, the 3d mesh and the controller to orbit around the artefact and zoom in and out. Then I have a UMG widget with the text to be changed dynamically and with the close button.

This was easy on the desktop version, but the mobile version is very tricky , I have orbit working with the Axis input and also pinch to zoom, but I am having trouble making them work together.
I guess I will have to make the orbit with swipe instead.

On the mobile version the whole map navigation system had to also be redone in UMG since the Disable depth test doesn’t work on mobile.
Here is a screenshot of it.