Maya modeling question

Im modeling the helmet from this scene in Bravehearth

Heres my current scene:
How would you make the outliner on the helmet curved? WHats the best metod when I have extruded the faces to make the outliner?

what part is the outliner?

You see the curved lines on the helmet on the picture to the left :slight_smile: Im wondering what metod will be the most useful for this.

do you mean the curved line i’ve done in red?

I selected the edge on each side of the corner and just used bevel. You will probably have some clean up after, and will probably have to edit how round you wan the curve to be.

Yeah, that curve :slight_smile: Thanks, Ill check that out.

Cant wait until the 2016 update comes :smiley: Hope the sculting tool works as good as in Mudbox. From developer: “To confirm, yes! The 2016 version will be coming to Steam. It should be on March 26, or possibly after a day or two.