Maya LT?

I grew up with Maya - always had a much older brother who had it at home for work after around the year 2000 or so, not sure what he was using before that.
He doesn’t live anywhere near me thesedays, so getting a go on his Maya install like when I was younger is impossible.

Personally, I hate having to put up with blender - I don’t like it at all, but that is just my personal preference. And I can’t afford Maya! :frowning:

However, Maya LT is only like $30 / Month. That is something I can commit to, if it has a good feature set, and the Maya knowledge I already have can transfer across well?

Is Maya LT even any good? its marketed well, and I figure this is the best community to find out from.


I heard from some of my friends, that it’s nearly the same, just without some features: ://www.autodesk/products/maya/compare/compare-products So when you have experience with maya, you shouldnt have any problems to use maya lt. :wink:

This is excellent news! thanks!

It’s mostly good yeah, annoying they took out some important stuff like animation layers and referencing though.

It has a limit on the FBX export too which I absolutely hate. You can’t export anything 80-85k tris and above. It might be the same for exporting to any file type, haven’t really tried.

The tri limit mightn’t affect you but thought I would say anyways. Some of the projects I’m working on I have to go find the full version of Maya to export stuff out :frowning:

And it dont have renderoutput.

There is no limit if you have UE4 and Maya LT on the same system.

thanks for the info, that’s awesome!

We use both Maya and Maya LT here and Maya LT is good. It has some surface modeling features missing but there are other ways to fry a chicken :wink:

Besides, with the contract just cancel or upgrade at anytime you run across something you can’t do.

Have fun!

If you want more than a limited modeling tools only, look at MODO Indie (16$) is better with rendering, physic , dynamic, animation and with modern tools etc…
More better again , look at , you have a Houdini FX unlocked for only 200$…

But for indie dev only , yes MayaLT is good but not the best choise.

If you are used to Maya, I can recommend Maya LT myself. It does have one huge problem in it though (thats not FBX export since you can get around it very easily), and thats the lack of PhysX cloth simulation support that can be used with the real Maya. UE4 can support Apex clothing, Maya does so too, but Maya LT does not, and that makes all the clothing animations/simulations a big pain in your workflow. Especially since Maya LT If you only have robots in steel world, it wont be a problem though! :slight_smile:
Still, for modeling and rigging and animation, Maya LT does it job well enough imho.

You can effect Maya LT roadmap by voting too.
Go and vote… make effect.


Some hot ones for example

Please add a way to use Unreal 4’s Animation and Riggings Toolset (A.R.T)
Please add this it would be very helpful for UE4.
It would make rigging and animation a lot easier in Unreal

-> (requires Python)

Make Python, pySide, accessable in Maya LT

For Zbrush owners:

GoZ for MayaLT
Please enable GoZ support for MayaLT.

I actually went for Maya LT and hated it. I have sine fallen in love with modo indie.

Autodesk pretends Maya LT is for indie game developers but without supporting Unreal 4 A.R.T., clothing and limits at export (even though can be workaround by direct export to Unreal), this makes their claim a bit ridiculous, especially with a software you never own and have to pay $30 per month, which is not cheap.

How about going with Blender and Akeytsu instead of Maya LT ?

Thanks a bunch motorsep for talking about Akeytsu, I didn’t know that software and it looks truly amazing, possibly a new gem from French developers after and their awesome substances.