Maya LT

I start this topic saying that, in my opinion, Autodesk softwares are too expensive. Maya and 3DS Max costs 195€/month, not affordable for me. I’ve noticed Autodesk offers a depowered tool called Maya LT 2015, for 30€/month. On the comparison page between Maya and Maya LT, I found some features that Maya LT have not.
Please read

3D modeling tools are the same.
Please can you explain me other features?
I don’t know these words regarding the 3D world, I have programming experience but not have modeling experience (a little, from Blender).
I don’t care if there are lacks of rendering tool, because I would like to use Maya LT in Unreal Engine.

P.S. This thread would be a comparison discussion between Maya and Maya LT

Maya LT is positoned as an “indie game dev” variant. Therefore some functionality less important to that use case is missing, e.g. (as you mentioned) rendering. But also some stuff that might be relevant has been left out, e.g. spline-based IK. But most of the things you would need for modelling and animating assets for UE4 should be there.

What is sorely missing, though, is the support for third-party plugins and extensive scripting. So, for example the ART plugin from Epic won’t work with Maya LT.

Maya LT also had a very small export size, I think they recently bumped that a bit, but if you get into building some complex meshes you can still quickly hit that cap, so can’t use it to say build out a whole city scape as a single model. I know sounds crazy but there are reasons to do it, so just fyi can hit some limits. Also as mentioned no 3rd party plugins, so no Epic Phat tools, no PhysX tools, no 3rd party auto UV tools, no a lot of really helpful tools that make things happen.

What if I use Blender?

Blender is nice for modeling static meshes, but as soon as you will try to get some skeletal meshes and animations from blender to unreal, you will most likely run into problems.

It’s as good as other 3d programs + you dont have to pay anything. The only disadvantage are the current problems with the latest version regarding to skeletal meshes -> so when you use blender, always use an older version (atm I use 2.7) :slight_smile:

Not anymore now there is no polygon limit.