Maya Lt Scale Help

Hello, I just got Maya Lt and i would like to know if anyone knows what time of scale Maya Lt > Ue4 uses Right now when i import into Ue4 The mesh is HUGE. How can i fix this.?

Use Centimeters for your grid. 1 Unreal Unit = 1 CM.

So what would i change the scale to in Maya? Its set to CM right now. How many Cm is 1 Unreal Unit?

As mentioned above, 1cm = 1 UU. What are your grid settings currently? Try using:

Length/Width - 512
Grid Lines Every - 10
Subdivisions - 1

Length/Width I would recommend to set this to the size of the mesh you will be working on.

Grid Lines Every, I tend to use 128.000 for this, works out nicely when you want to snap small models components into position and still work with the grid.

Subdivision I would recommend having it as something relatively high, may be 16 or so. That depends though on how many grid lines you have and how big or small your grid is.

Also make sure that you change the following options,

Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Axis (change to Y as up).

Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Measurements > Centimetres.

After setting all that up you should be good to go then. I think the default size of the UE4 blue guy is 192 units, so when you start working on a model to get a sense of scale try making a cube with measurements of 32, 192, 32.

Epic also provides the blue guy for download. It can be extra helpful to import him into the scene or more visual reference too. Either way works though. =)

Ahh cool, where can I download him from?

Can’t seem to find it anymore, I wonder if they took it off? It was on the documentation site for UE4. It was the blue guy and his rig, I just deleted the rig and used him as reference. I should still have the file on my desktop, next time I have a chance to get on there I can search the name and see if it comes up with the location on the UE4 doc site.